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Aiight so a bunch of mafuckas been trippin

2010-05-26 05:52:00 by Hatchery

hatersnightmare, keastone, an sum of they skanks that dey try to pass off as their sistas,
they are bitchmade n***az, nothing thug about dem

also i uploaded a new banner n***az hehe its robeline representin!!
and i wanna give a shoutout to my homie DreOG, keeping it real

Aiight so a bunch of mafuckas been trippin


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2010-05-28 11:59:38

N***a robeline ain't thuggish bitch

Hatchery responds:

You aint thuggist, nigga fuck you


2010-05-28 12:05:35

I can tell you fake.I reviewed your responses on your last post and you told hatersnightmare that you reppin Robeline Ca but your locationn says louisiana.Dude you killing your damn self

Hatchery responds:

Please, I accidently wrote "CA" instead of "LA".
It happens. you wrote "locationn" like an ingnint mafucka.
bitch suck theze nuts


2010-06-04 20:05:24

A n***a who gets no luv from no girl and gets respect from no n***a.But over the Internet he's a king.Do the math.


2010-06-10 19:32:59

I noticed on hatersnightmare account you said fuck swaggerhood well fuck you fo that shit

Hatchery responds:

I had no idea wat swaggerhood is, all i knew was dat hatersnightmare is a part of it, so i said fuck it.
if u in it, then my bad, i take that shit back

fuck hatersnightmare


2010-06-13 17:01:55

Oh wow you are gangsta.


2010-06-13 17:06:57

I bet you thought i would never find this pic of you 08/fake_gangsters.gif

Hatchery responds:

you know god damn well that aint me, pussy


2010-06-19 18:59:17

You ain't no gangsta dude and robeline ain't eitther the only two dangerous cities in la is new Orleans and baton rouge bitch